Design Verification

In the dynamic world of VLSI (Very Large-Scale Integration), the demand for innovative products is higher than ever. The journey from a concept to a fully functional product involves many challenges and uncertainties where design verification plays a critical role in ensuring the functionality and reliability of complex electronic systems by confirming that the design meets its intended requirements and specifications.

Design verification is a systematic process that validates and confirms that a design meets its specified requirements and sticking to design guidelines. It is a vital step in the product development cycle, aiming to identify and rectify design issues early on to avoid costly and time-consuming rework during later stages of development.

Design verification ensures that the final product, whether it is an integrated circuit (IC), a system-on-chip (SoC), or any electronic system, functions correctly and reliably. SoC and ASIC verification play a key role in achieving reliable and high-performance integrated circuits.

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